events_martini thurs

Classic or Creative? 8 choices, your pick just $5 all night*.

Classic Martini
vodka or gin, tell us how you like it

Skinny Poma-tini
vodka, cranberry, pomegranate, lime, agave

Strawberry Basil
tequila, fresh strawberries, basil, triple sec

Berry Bee’s Knees
gin infused with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries

Spring Thyme
vodka, cucumber, green tea, mint, thyme, lemon and lime

Pineapple Smash
bourbon infused with fresh pineapple, mint

Basil Pink Lemonade
infused vodka with lemon, citrus simple syrup, cranberry, basil

tequila infused with fresh ruby red grapefruit, orange, cilantro

$5 All day Thursday!

*Available from 5-9pm in PA